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Main Building , International Joint Research Building

Main Building which was renovated in 2017, has laboratories, office and Joint-use Laboratory for Biology. This joint-use laboratory has a Comprehensive Analysis System for Plant Responses, a Stable-Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometer System, a CN Coder and other chemical analysis machines.
International Joint Research Building has multiple purpose hall, laboratories and saloon.

International Arid Laboratory Building

The International Arid Laboratory Building includes an Environmental Restoration Laboratory, a Yellow Sand Observation Laboratory, and a Gene-recombination Laboratory. In addition, the top floor contains Glasshouses which are used to grow transgenic plants.

Arid-tron Control and Experimental Building, Growth Chamber Experimental Building, and Growth Chamber Experimental Building 2.

These three buildings provide systems for analyzing the responses of dryland plants to global warming, an electron probe micro-analyzer that can be used to perform nondestructive analysis of plant chemical compositions, six dryland simulation systems and two experimental system for Analyzing Responses of Dryland plants to Climate Changes. Next to these buildings, there are two Arid-tron Big Glass Chambers (with 800 m2 of floor space).

Arid Land Dome Experiment Building, Arid Land Dome

The Arid Land Dome Experimental Building contains the Arid Land Dome (with 1000 m2 of floor space), the three-dimensional erosion analysis system, and the desertification mechanism analysis system. There is also an exhibition room (a mini-museum) for arid land studies that provides information and exhibits during visits by the public.

Crop Growing Field

Crop Growing Field is used for field experiment about arid land. This is 62,000m2 area , and has Weighing Lysimeter and plastic greenhouses.

Guest House

The guest house is available for our short-term visiting co-researchers, trainees, graduate and research students.