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The 30th Colloquium was held.

ALRC regularly holds a Colloquium. The purpose of the Colloquium is to share the research information and get suggestions for the research thorough the discussion among ALRC.

The 30th Colloquium was held in in a hybrid manner on October 19th, 2023. The two presentations were done with the participation of totally 37 students, researchers, staffs, and faculties of ALRC. They actively discussed during the Colloquium. The details are as below:

(1) Title: "Alleviating Abiotic Stress Impact on Plant Production: Silicon to the Rescue"
    Dr Eneji Anthony Egrinya
Visiting Professor, Division of Dryland Agriculture

(2) Title: "CO2 dynamics of a desert-shrub ecosystem in Mongolia”
Dr Levent Saylan
Visiting Professor, Division of Desertification Control 
Date: November 19th (Thu.), 2023 14:00-15:20 JST
Venue: The Multi-purpose room and Online (hybrid)
Language: English

*The word "colloquium" is derived from the Latin language and originally means "discussion and conferences". Nowadays it means "discussion and seminar”.