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Lab. Meteorology

Division of Desertification Control
Arid Land Research Center, Japan

ALRC / Tottori University

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Lecture   2023/4/7 Kimura et al.: SOLA (トルコにおける近年の乾燥化と干ばつ)   KAKEN
    2023/2/17 Liu et al.: Remote Sensing (堆砂・静砂垣の飛砂防止効果の検証)   Research Map
Profile   2022/10/11 Kimura: JAM (黄砂観測日数と発生源の土地被覆との関係)   Researcher ID
CV   2022/8/22 Liu et al.: 砂丘学会誌 (UAVによる鳥取砂丘の地形変化抽出)   Google Scholar
Research Cont.   2022/7/11 木村ら: 生物と気象 (衛星曇天率による日照時間と降水量の推定)   Research Map (Liu) 
Research Paper   2022/3/30 木村:沙漠研究 (近年における乾燥地の気候学的状況と土地劣化)   Present weather in ALRC
Patent   2022/3/7 Tottori Sand Dunes 発行 (Ch.2-2 by Kimura)   Present Tottori sand dune 
Research Place   2021/12/20 Kawai et al.: SOLA (臨界風速が黄砂発生のsimulationに与える影響)   Meteorology (Tottori)
Visit   2021/11/24 Liu et al.: Frontiers (レキ面上の空気力学的特性)   Meteorological satellite
Lab. Diary   2021/7/1 Kimura et al.: Remote Sensing (近年のモンゴルにおける干ばつ)   Weather map
Links 2021/3/18 Kinugasa et al.: CATENA (grazingによる捕砂の影響)   Sea Surface Temperatues 

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GCOM-C SGLI Sci. Team 
JpGU Meeting (Saylan et al.)
      Date: 21-26 May 2023
      Place: MAKUHARI MESSE, Chiba, Japan
      Date: 5 Apr 2023
      Place: Hitotsubashi University

ISAM 2023
      Date: 16-18 Mar 2023
      Place: Yamaguchi KDDI Ishin Hall
・Levent Saylan
客員教授着任 (2023/10/31まで

   Satellite monitoring system (SIRVS) (TU only)
SIRVS is Satellite Image Retrieval and Visualizing  Sub-System to search, visualize, analyze and  download the products produced by satellite data.
Arid regions based on a dust erodibility
Dust hazard map in northeast Asia

Change of land degradation area since 2000
Satellite analysis
For elemental school children (自由研究 資料)

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