RESEARCH SUBJECT 01Reduction of soil erosion

Setup one watershed to studied at one place each in highlands, midlands and lowlands in the upper Blue Nile basin. Use the control area method that defines and compares a pair of watershed subject to land conservation measures and watershed not subject to land conservation measures.

RESEARCH SUBJECT 02A new cultivation linked system

Develop the technology for achieving a new cultivation – grazing linkage system with confinement as the basis for raising livestock in the barn, and reduce soil erosion and improve land productivity.

RESEARCH SUBJECT 03Economic and social empowerment

Develop the abilities of women and young people, by introducing new sources of income, and develop access to the markets and building the value chain to empower them socially and economically.

RESEARCH SUBJECT 04Comprehensive small watershed management

Setup “Small watershed stakeholder committee” for each of three small watersheds, where farmers and administrative agencies look into the issues, and “SLM innovation platform” where issues and dissemination methods of the next generation SLM are discussed with the related government agencies, donors, etc.

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