Tottori University
Project Marginal Region Agriculture
Development of crop husbandry technology in marginal rainfed environment using dryland plant resources
– Toward sustainable improvement in global marginal regions –

More than 20% of people in the world lives in dryland. Their life highly affected by the natural environment is fragile and they are facing to various problems as poverty and food shortage. In this project we will challenge to create an agricultural technology package that enables sustainable production in the regions with about 300 mm annual rainfall, by combination between the crop improvements by advanced molecular biological techniques and conservation husbandry management techniques.

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Project Framework

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Expected Achievement

Academic impact
Demonstration of the effectiveness of the agricultural technology package by field tests
Social impact
International contributions by the improvement of dryland’s inhabitant and development/utilization of desert
Improvement impact
Creation of the agricultural technology package by molecular biology and conservation husbandry management techniques

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