Open Seminar for Global COE Program "Global Center of Excellence in Dryland Sciences"

[ Recipe for Success: How to set yourself up for a fruitful time abroad ]


Lecturer : Dr. Asako Stone (Postdoctoral Fellow, Desert Research Institute, USA)

Time and Venue :
Seminars will be presented in Japanese (1) and in English (2).

1. Japanese Seminar
13:00 - 14:30, 8 October 2008


2. "Recipe for Success: How to set yourself up for a fruitful time abroad"
13:30 - 15:00, 9 October 2008
Meeting Room, Arid Land Research Center, Tottori University


Dr. Asako Stone was born and raised in Japan, and moved to the U.S. after graduating from high school. She obtained her Ph. D.s in experimental psychology (major) and political science (minor) at Washington State University. She is a postdoctral fellow at Desert Research Institute (DRI), and her research interests include socialpsychological aspects of environmental issues, especially of global climate change. In the seminar, she will present the research activitiy at DRI, and her experiences of study and work abroad.


You are cordially invited to this important seminar.



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