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Division of Integrated Desertification Control

Full-time Research Staff

Professor / TSUNEKAWA Atsushi


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Detailed Information

Field of specialization

Conservation Informatics Subdivision: Monitoring and modeling of plant production and ecosystem change in drylands

Research Activities

  1. Prediction of environmental response using a process-based ecosystem model
  2. Regional estimation of biological productivity using remote sensing and GIS
  3. Sustainable Land Management of reduce soil erosion in Ethiopia
  4. Adaptive grazing management under changing climate in China

Fig.1 Field experiment on soil erosion in northwest Ethiopia

Fig.2 Livestock grazing in Inner Mongolia, China

Professor / TSUBO Mitsuru


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Field of specialization

Climate Risk Management Subdivision: Dryland agrometeorology and climate-smart agriculture

Research Activities

  1. Agricultural drought monitoring
  2. Dryland agricultural modelling
  3. Development of agrometeorological information systems

Fig.1 Field survey on crop damage due to drought in South Africa

Fig.2 Farm land inspection for implementation of climate-smart agriculture in South Africa

Associate Professor / KUROSAKI Yasunori


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Field of specialization

Dust Climatology Subdivision: Spatiotemporal distribution of aeolian dust. Relation among wind, soil-land surface conditions, and dust generation (i.e., wind erosion)

Research Activities

  1. Analysis of spatiotemporal aeolian dust by synoptic data and satellite image
  2. Relation among aeolian erosivity, erodibility and dust emission (i.e., wind erosion)
  3. Effects of climate change and human activities on wind erodibility
  4. Effect of climate change on wind erosivity

Fig.1 A scene after a passage of dust storm accompanied with snow (approximately 100km south of Mandalgobi city, Mongolia on March 5, 2016).

Fig.2 A satellite image with weagher conditions from synoptic report, which shows occurrences of dust and snow stroms in Mongolia on March 4, 2016.

Associate Professor / KOBAYASHI Nobuyuki

Field of specialization

International Development Cooperation Subdivision: Planning and evaluation of agricultural and rural development projects in arid lands of developing countries, and internaitonal development cooperation.

Research Activities

  1. Sustainable livestock production systems in arid lands
  2. Livelihood improvement projects in consideration of people's health and education

Fig. 1 In order to improve feeding management of cattle in Ethiopia, the grass in experimental plots was clipped for estimating their biomass consumption.

Fig. 2 Knowledge and/or experience for self-management of diabetes are gradually extended by diabetic patients to the other patients in Philippines.

Visiting Research Staff

Visiting Professor / Faisai Mohamed Elhag (Sudan)

Field of specialization

Animal Husbandry Subdivision: Forecasting Climate Change-Rangelands-Livestock Interaction for Possible Adaptation under Dryland Farming in Sudan

Visiting Associate Professor / SUN Jian

Field of specialization

Global change and Biogeography Subdivision: Protecting alpine grassland need to double check the effectiveness of grazing exclusion with fences in Tibetan Plateau, China

Visiting Professor / TACHIIRI Kaoru (JAMSTEC)

Field of specialization

Climate-human system modeling Subdivision: Future climate projection and early warning of meteorological disasters in drylands using simulation models

Specially Appointed Staff

Specially Appointed Assistant Professor / Zerihun Nigussie Gebresilasie

Field of specialization

Socio-economics of Sustainable Land Management Subdivision: Understanding the mechanism on how to promote the wider uptake of sustainable land management technologies by smallholder farmers in the drought prone Upper Blue Nile Basin region, Ethiopia

Internal Visiting Research Staff

Associate Professor / OTANI Shinji (IPDRE)

Field of specialization

Environmental Medicine Subdivision: Health risk assessment in climate change

Professor /Paolo BILLI (IPDRE)

Field of specialization

Geomorphology and Physical Geography Subdivision: Fluvial processes, sediment yield, ephemeral streams geomorphology, sediment transport.

Professor /Majed Mohmoud ABU-ZREIG (IPDRE)

Field of specialization

Soil and Water Engineering Subdivision: Water management, arid land hydrology, water harvesting, non-point source pollution and modeling

Associate Professor /Nigusse Harageweyn AYEHU (IPDRE)

Field of specialization

Sustainable Land Management in the Drylands Subdivision: Watershed processes monitoring, modeling and management

Associate Professor /Fei PENG (IPDRE)

Field of specialization

Global Change Ecology Subdivision: Study of the responses of ecosystem services to climate change and human disturbance

Associate Professor /Kristina TODERICH (IPDRE)

Field of specialization

Botany Subdivision: Dryland Salinity, Phytoremediation and Food Security

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