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Division of Environmental Conservation

Full-time Research Staff

Professor / YAMANAKA Norikazu


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Field of specialization

Revegetation Science Subdivision: Plant ecology and ecosystem restoration in arid lands

Research Activities

  1. Ecological studies of plant communities in arid areas
  2. Ecophysiological studies on drought and salt tolerance of woody plants
  3. Studies on the ecosystem restoration in arid lands

Fig 1. Afforestation in Kubuqi of Inner Mongolia, China

Fig 2. Arabian camel eating Mangrove (Red sea, Sudan)

Associate Professor / TANIGUCHI Takeshi


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Field of specialization

Microbial Ecology Subdivision: Ecology and use of plant symbiotic microorganisms in drylands

Research Activities

  1. Search for effective platns symbiotic microorganisms(mycorrhizal fungi, endophytic fungi, and rhizosphere bacteria) to enhance plant drought salinity stress tolerances
  2. Ecology and function of plant symbiotic microorganisms
  3. Use of plant symbiotic microorganisms for ecosystem restoration and agricultural production in drylands

Fig 1. .Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in Tamarisk root

Fig.2 Pine seedlings without (left) and with (right) inoculation of ectomycorrhizal fungi (Kubuqi deresrt, Inner Mongolia, China)

Associate Professor / KIMURA Reiji


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Detailed Information

Field of specialization

Meteorology Subdivision: Observation and physical understanding on the meteorological phenomena in the atmospheric boundary layer

Research Activities

  1. Quantitative analysis of heat and water balances in arid land
  2. Development of monitoring method to detect the land surface conditions by combining the meteorological and remote-sensing data
  3. Observation and physical understanding on sand movement in arid region and Tottori sand dune

Fig.1 Hazard map of Asian dust through the web. (Kimura, 2016)

Fig.2 Global monitoring of degraded land (c) by combining the information of vegetation (a) and aridity (b). (Kimura, 2017)

Visiting Research Staff

Visiting Professor / DU Mingyuan (NARO)

Field of specialization

Climatology Subdivision: Observation, data analysis and numerical simulation of wind erosion and climate change and their relations with plants in arid and semiarid areas.

Specially Appointed Resercher

Specially Appointed Professor / Hideyasu FUJIYAMA

Field of specialization

Plant Nutrition Subdivision: Nutrio-physiology of salt-loving species available for phytoremediation of salt-affecter soils

Internal Visiting Research Staff

Associate Professor / Toshihiko KINUGASA (Faculty of Agriculture)

Field of specialization

Grassland Ecophysiology Subdivision: Environmental response of plants in arid and semi-arid grasslands

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